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How to Measure

Easy as 1-2-3

Below is our simple 3-step guide on how to accurately measure your existing cushions to ensure a perfect fit, every time!

Although it’s possible to do this alone - It may make it a bit easier if you have the assistance of a helper​, so one of you can stretch the cushion cover out whilst the other person accurately takes the measurements with a measuring tape.

It’s best to measure your fabric or leather CUSHION COVERS, rather than your old cushion foam or fibre/stuffing insert ​​- as these may have changed shape and size over time.


Step 1.

Take your existing foam cushions / inserts out of the cushion covers and spread the cover out onto a flat surface e.g. the floor or a table.


Step 2.

​Stretch the cushion cover out at the seams / joins in the fabric or leather whilst taking each measurement (stretch it widthways when taking the width measurement, and lengthways when taking the length measurement, and so on), on the main cushion panel.​

Please Note: You should measure the cushion cover from corner to corner, rather than across the centre of the panels - by measuring corner to corner you can ensure you’re measuring in a straight line. Measure ALL sides of your cushion cover as the sizes may vary slightly from front to back and side to side.


Step 3.

Measure the depth/thickness of your cushion, by stretching the border out, taking the measurement from seam to seam. If your cushion has a piped-edge cover (as per the photo above), stretch the border out and measure ​between the piping​ - if not, then just stretch out the border and measure that instead. W​e recommend adding ​​at least​​ 1" (2.5cm) to this measurement to the thickness of your new cushions to ensure they properly fill out your cushion covers.​

For example, the depth/border of the cushion cover in the image above measures 4" (10cm), which means we would recommend ordering at least 5" (12.5cm) thick foam cushions to fill out the covers properly (see image below). If the cushion border size was 5 inches (12.5cm), then we’d recommend ordering at least 6-inch (15cm) thick foam.

Cushion Cushion

Important Note

If your existing cushions are soft feather or fibre and you wish to change to foam, you should check / take a measurement between the arms of the sofa to ensure the foam will fit properly.​​ If you measure between the arms of your sofa at 54” wide (137cm), then you should ensure that the total width of all the foam cushions should be no wider than 54” (137cm), otherwise they won't fit!

Your measurements for the cushion widths on the main panels should be the same size as the gap between the arms. If unsure, p​lease contact us on (0131) 235 2989 or email: cushions@honeyfoam.co.uk and we will be happy to help / advise you where necessary.